A Foundation for Success: 10 Features No Modern Marketing CRM Software Should Be Without

A Foundation for Success: 10 Features No Modern Marketing CRM Software Should Be Without

Customer relationship management or CRM software has become an integral part of effective marketing. In order for a business to be successful today, a marketing strategy needs to be personalized for its audience using all the advantages and benefits of social media. The best CRM software will have features that deal with all of these aspects of customer service and here we list ten of the best which you can compare with it here.

  1. Campaign Builder

A marketing strategy is crucial if you want to keep track of where you are in the marketing process. A campaign builder allows you to plan a strategy and break it down so that everyone involved in the processes knows exactly what they have to do and when. Some CRM software uses a digital diary as a tool to organize marketing campaigns that often integrate with other software your business uses.

  1. CRM Integrations

It is vital that marketing software communicates with sales and a CRM that integrates both departments is ideal. Although there will be similarities between a sales and a marketing CRM, they are usually different enough to be able to combine to provide you with much more detail on your customers and prospects. 

  1. Social Media Integrations

Not every business can afford a dedicated member of staff to manage social media marketing. This can also be handled by some CRM software which has features to allow integrations to boost user experience. This is done by automating and scheduling posts to social media channels using the CRM and this takes the pressure off having a dedicated person to maintain them. 

  1. Mobile App

Because CRMs can generally be accessed by several members of staff, it is a good idea to have an app for the software you use. This allows everyone easy access wherever they are and allows for absences without causing any issue with your marketing processes. Many more people are switching to remote working, particularly those using digital technology and so it makes sense for your CRM to have an app for all users.

  1. Marketing Analytics/Data Manager

It is pointless putting in huge effort into devising a marketing strategy if you don’t know how to measure results. A good CRM system will have analytics and reporting that will allow you to see what aspects of your campaigns are working or need improving. If businesses don’t pay attention to the stats, they are likely to miss good opportunities to grow.

  1. Customizable Email/Website Templates

The way you communicate with your customers is important in keeping their business. Some CRM software offers a feature that allows you to personalize all your emails and often websites too. This enhances your customer’s experience of dealing with you and also gives you a great opportunity to make your brand unique.

  1. Automated Email Engagements

Another important feature of CRMs is automated email engagements, which ensures you respond to any email requests or queries in a timely manner. It’s one thing regularly sending out emails to customers but if they respond to them, you have to already have an email in place to let them know you’ve received their email. Customers appreciate it when they are contacted with personalized emails as they feel they are valued and this can often make the difference in getting their repeat business.

  1. Real-Time SEO Suggestions

Search engine optimization or SEO is made much easier with the right CRM as some offer suggestions on how you can improve your posts’ visibility for online searches. This is important because it increases the potential audience for your marketing posts and ultimately, brings more prospects to your door. It’s a great idea to have a blog on your website that you can share on social media using the SEO suggestion function of your CRM.

  1. Landing Pages

Landing pages have been proven to be really effective in generating new leads. Even though people may wind up visiting your website via a landing page without the intention of buying, there’s always a chance they will linger. Landing pages should direct lots of traffic to your website and increase your potential to grow. The best way of using landing pages is to feature an unbeatable offer that attracts interest in other things you have to sell. Some CRM software allows you to create winning landing pages to maximize your lead generation.

  1. Targeting and Segmentation

A CRM should provide you with the chance to test your marketing efforts and also to fine-tune targeting and segmentation. Segmentation is really something that breaks down your customers into categories so that they receive relevant marketing information that relates to the things they have bought and what they might like to buy.

Targeting and segmentation help businesses to organize their data more efficiently and manage several organized groups instead of one big mass of data. It also serves to improve customer service, with relevant and timely advertising that’s well-aligned with your prospects.

The Bottom Line

Providing a good customer experience can boost your bottom line and this is made easier with CRM software. That said, there have been lots of developments in this area and now there are many new features available that can really boost your marketing efforts. People like to do business with companies who know who they are and provide them with timely and efficient service. In many respects, the experience a customer has is more important than price. There are many ways you can harness technology to help your business grow and a good CRM software package is a great place to start.

Perhaps the most important thing is to understand the people you sell your goods or services to. Understanding the customer and meeting their needs before they even know they have them is a fantastic way of setting your brand apart as going the extra mile. Personalized emails and finely targeted marketing using all the features of a CRM will improve your profit margins considerably and also save on staff costs.

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