A Market Watch over: LED TVs & Newer Technology

The emergence of flat panel LCD created a landmark in late 90s in the world with their optimum colors and slimmer panels, a significant reduction in size as compared to the CRTs that enticed huge amount of audience and resulted in a top increasing trend in 2000s towards the display technology. Giant display manufacturers started to search for even better and innovative ideas to improve the displaying capabilities of those TVs with more add-on features. Later the introduction of LEDs into the market changed the horizons even better and bolstered the sales of LED TV manufacturers. Now a day things are moving towards 3D technology in Television and even more the upcoming 4K technology with a pixel resolution more than four thousands pixels on WXH scale to create an elusive reality. A survey conducted from numerous LED TV Supplier has shown that the demand of LED TVs has not lost its charm with the inclusion of 4K TVs into the market because of the fact that there is not enough media available at that much of a higher resolution and the price of 4Ks is still not in the affordable range of target segment though it does not mean that 4K Technology has no future after a passage of time it will gain some momentum for sure.

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