Alternative Business Services You Didn’t Know You Need

The business service industry has been thriving in recent years. Think about your company and how much you use them. Perhaps you use a third party marketing firm or outsource your accounts and HR. Maybe you hire content specialists or have a business analyst that comes and works for you once a month.

However, there are some more unusual business services that are also enjoying a boom in popularity. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of them and see how they might fit into your business.

Team bonding services

In years gone by, team bonding days was always something to fear, rather than enjoy. However, these days, modern-thinking businesses are doing activities that are a lot more fun. There is still a point to them, of course – and they add value to the business. More employers than ever understand that these days out or weekends away can bring about positive change. So, they are embracing team building services. There are plenty out there, and lots of different ideas, from driving diggers to fearsome assault courses.

Healthier catering services

Twenty years ago, if you visited most staff canteens around the country, you would see a similar sight. Chips, pizzas, curries, and other food more suitable for the journey home from the pub. These days, however, it’s a different story. Astute companies are wising up to the idea that healthier food has a positive effect on the workforce, in more ways than one. It boosts productivity; it helps keep workers fit and healthy, and it even improves their brainpower. Perhaps 2016 could be the year that you trade your catering service for a healthier alternative?

Private investigators

There are lots of reasons why many businesses feel the need to hire private investigators. They might be proof of an employee committing fraud or stealing from the company. There could be long-term illnesses that are suspected to be false claims – and costing your business a lot of money in sick pay. And, of course, there is a need to check out the competition and ensure they aren’t stealing your best ideas. Click here for more info on how private investigators can help your business protect your assets, and lose those that are costing you a fortune.


Employee health is vital – as we mentioned above. But, so is their wellness. Many businesses all over the world, including the likes of Google, are embracing wellness. And, one of the best ways you can do so is by hiring Mindfulness therapists. There is a sound business case for doing so. It saves you a lot of money, helps your people become better decision makers, and creates a more fluid and thoughtful workplace. Do you think Mindfulness can help your company achieve its aims? Then why not give it a go!

As you can see, there are plenty of business services out there that can help your company achieve better results. The most progressive companies understand that you can’t rely on the traditional way of doing things in a modern world. And, they are doing all they can to give their employees the right environment, and to protect their assets.

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