Becoming A Fishmonger

Starting a business isn’t just about working in an office or from home. There are thousands of different professions in the world which you can startup for yourself and make money doing something you genuinely love. One of those alternative types of business is a fishmonger.

While you may think that it is only families who have been doing the same job for generations who become fishmongers- you can actually get into this trade independently if you know where to look.
A fishmonger is responsible for pulling fish from local fishing boats and bidding for them, and then preparing the fish for sale at a market. The preparation will often involve filleting skinning and deboning the fish into portions ready for the consumer to buy later on that day. Sometimes they will take the fish to a smokehouse to have it smoked too.

If you love being up bright and early in the morning, this job could be the perfect venture for you. Ideally you will want to be out at the port by 6am to barter for fish and seafood directly from the boats they were caught on hours before. The idea is to find the freshest fish and the lowest price. It will be time to prepare the food for the market by cleaning it and skinning or filleting the fish for sale. The plus side about being a fishmonger is that you will be able to choose the hours you work and you will always have fresh food ready for the dinner table at night!

To be able to become a successful fishmonger, you will need to make sure that you can be assertive and also be able to barter for the best price for the fish you want to sell. You need to know a lot about fish and the different types you can buy from the boats. Make sure you are aware of what makes a good fish and how to distinguish the fresh from the not so fresh. Make sure you have plenty of the equipment required to prepare the meat. If you are processing a large amount of fish each day you may want to get some skinning and deboning machines from

If you are passionate about fish and you have an eye for sales then this could be a great alternative to working in an office for the rest of your life. You will be doing physical labour each day and preparing food at a professional levels for the consumer. You can even upgrade from a market to your own fishmongery. You’ll be able to operate your shop and take advantage of the extra business you get from being near the centre of town.

Although you may start off on a smaller wage; after you gain a reputation for yourself you could be looking at owning a lucrative business for yourself in the fish industry. To check average salary take a look here:

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