Fascia Signage: Turn bland to brand with great printing

External signage communicates a huge amount to both potential customers and current clients. Whatever the industry it is in, each and every business must ensure that their chosen signs are truly reflective of the quality and service they offer. A rundown, half-illuminated and unkempt shop front will not instil confidence in consumers. In fact, it will only serve to drive them away. Increasing the friendliness of a business’s image only serves to improve the chances of maintaining success, customer loyalty and continued profit.

Whether a company opts for 3D moulded lettering, stylised banners or illuminated signage, the colour, layout and any images used must be concurrent with the personality the company wishes to project. Many in business struggle to make these vital decisions, whereas others rush in and get their choices completely wrong. Avoiding incongruous signage is a must, so consulting with a sign company can really help lead businesses in the right direction. Along with providing a helping hand aesthetically, the best companies will also be able to advise their clients about appropriate materials in addition to any legal ramifications such as the type of sign that can be used.

Care and consideration must also be taken when choosing internal signage, such as point-of-sale displays. Retailers are aware of the importance and power of the ‘add-on’ sale, yet even the best promotions can appear drab and uninviting if the signage is uninspiring. In addition to appearance, the use of language cannot be underestimated. Powerful language in conjunction with a considered subtext can make a huge difference. Furthermore, hand-written scribbles simply will not do so when profit margins and targets are at risk, so employing the services of a professional sign company is a necessity. Opting for quality bespoke sales materials will prove a wise investment when the success of in-store promotions becomes apparent in profit reports.

Though many businesses will be tempted to opt for the ‘do-it-yourself’ route when it comes to printing promotional materials, they would be well-advised to think twice – the cost and the time it takes can impact negatively on both productivity and profitability. Using a professional printing company has many benefits, not least the quality of the finished product. In addition to being able to successfully match colour and style to a company and industry, they can provide a consistency of image across a range of goods. This consistency is crucial in turning bland to brand and creating a recognisable and trustworthy company image. Moreover, professional printing companies can become important partners in refreshing an image and rebranding when the time comes. Brand decisions are incredibly important to companies of all sizes and creating a strong identity from the start can make a world of difference. The right fascia signage can achieve just that.

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