Furnished to Impress

If you have ever walked into a bland and monotone office, then you’ll instantly be hit with a depressing and dull vibe no matter how lively and active the staff inside are. In contrast, if you visited an office such as Google or Apple, then you’ll come across a very noticeable difference: the mood is entirely different! For some reason, business owners think it’s suitable for a business to be bland and dreary because they just love a generic office with generic workers and generic equipment.

Boring offices

Let’s not get carried away for a moment. Offices should be productive environments that promote working and reduce procrastination. However, you should never underestimate the power of a well-designed and well-equipped office that not only looks great but is actually functional in many different ways.

For starters, a business with plenty of green plants, light colours and open space promotes a feeling of clarity. The white colours help to brighten up the office and the lack of clutter makes an office feel open and calming. Compare that to a cramped office where workers are stuffed in cubicles, where the carpets have been darkened by years of dust accumulation and stains from food.

No one wants to work in a boring and dirty office. The more modern and functional an office is, the more likely you are to work hard and create a long-lasting attachment to your workplace. Out of all the improvements you could spend money on to improve your office, a decor change is not something to overlook.

First impressions count

It doesn’t matter if it’s the mailman, a business client or a new recruit, your office needs to give a good first impression if you want people to remember you. A great way to set yourself apart is to look non-generic. For example, you could use door blanks instead of regular swinging doors. Not only do they look amazing in an office setting, the are also functional and look fantastic. If you coordinate your walls to match the door blanks, you’ll have an incredibly luxurious looking office that is sure to impress people at first sight.

If you want to get noticed as a startup, there’s no better investment than to put money into making your office look spectacular. There are many important facets when it comes to designing an office and equipping it with relevant machines and tools such as computers, but if you want to impress your clients and keep your staff motivated, then don’t overlook the office itself instead of worrying about what kind of computer hardware you need.

Motivation is key

Keeping up your employee’s morale is another underrated aspect of keeping a business running. Your employees work for you and do all the jobs that need to be done to keep your business afloat, so it’s only logical that you try your best to make their days easier by having a wonderful office that not only looks great but feels great to work in.

A tranquil working environment is perfect for stressful work. Simply taking a look around you and soaking in the calming scenery and plant life will be enough to melt away your stress and get you focused again. So not only can it improve the productivity of your staff, it can also help you calm down and de-stress before walking into an important board meeting.

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