How Businesses Can Be More Aware of the Waste They’re Generating

How Businesses Can Be More Aware of the Waste They’re Generating

As so many of us have been working from home over the last 18 months, returning to the office may be a bit of a change, be that welcome or not. However, returning to offices or other places of work after a while comes with re-adapting to certain aspects of work life. One of these aspects that businesses need to be aware of is the amount of waste they are generating. Commercial waste can take many forms and, in this article, we are going to take a look at two key ways that businesses can be more aware of the waste they are generating and what can be done about it. To help us with this we have partnered with experienced waste management company, JBM Environmental Services. 

Look at how you operate 

At any business, waste is generated throughout the day. Be this food waste in restaurants or paper waste in an office, and everything in between. Looking at how the business operates and how waste is handled will give every business leader a far greater understanding and make them much more aware of the waste they are generating.   

Many of us have to take part in many meetings during the day, and meetings can often lead to a lot of wastepaper being generated. Agendas are printed out, notes are taken and passed around, all of which may then be thrown away at the end of a meeting. By looking at things like this, businesses can put systems in place that reduce things such as paper usage and provide more waste bins that are suited to the majority of the waste produced. For example, if the biggest form of waste in an office is paper, having enough recycling bins is vital. By taking the time to look into these things, businesses can become more aware and improve how they handle waste.

Look at their existing waste management systems

Every business, whether they work with a professional waste management provider or not, will have a form of waste management. This can be as simple as emptying the bins around the office into a larger one that serves the business park or building at the end of each day. And while this may sound too simplistic, taking the time to examine how waste is currently dealt with can give businesses a better idea of the waste they are generating. 

For some businesses, this can lead to more significant changes they can make. For example, businesses working in the construction industry may identify that bigger skips are needed to handle more waste being generated by larger projects. Discussing this with skip hire providers should then be able to allow these businesses to work out where changes can be made that improves how they operate. 

Waste management is a crucial part of modern businesses and something that all business leaders should be aware of. How this waste is handled once it leaves a business site should also be something that concerns business leaders. We all have a responsibility to take care of our planet, and how waste is handled plays a significant role in this.

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