How Can My Small Business Make a Big Impression?

How Can My Small Business Make a Big Impression?

As a new business you’re a small fish in a very large pond, and competing with your more established competition can be a struggle. But it’s not impossible, there are ways you can stand out, make a good impression and snag those all important customers. Here are a few ideas.


Pay For A Good Website

Even if you’re the kind of business who trades in person rather than online such as a local shop or cafe, you still need a good website. While foot traffic will account for a lot of your sales in these cases, there will still be many people searching for businesses like yours in the local area, so your site needs to make a good impression. If your business is largely based online then it goes without saying you need a smart and professional website. Nothing will put a customer off quicker than something that looks amateur, is full of errors and slow to load. Your website should have clear contact details, a physical address, a landline number (you can find 0800 numbers to buy online) and a business email address. Make sure there are links to your social media pages, and an ‘about’ page to give more information about your website. This can help to give customers peace of mind if they’ve not purchased from you before.

Write A Blog

A blog is good for business in many ways. It can help you to build an audience, and grow your customer base. It shows people that you know what you’re talking about in the field of your business, and shows that you have put time and effort into it. Link your blog to your website, and it can boost your website’s rankings in Google as well as improve domain authority too.

Invest in Uniforms and ID Badges

If your workers are in contact with customers or clients in any way, such as in a shop or sales situation, uniforms and ID badges can help to show that they are part of the company and are trustworthy and legitimate. You can get embroidered custom uniform made online which doesn’t cost much so something well worth looking into if you want to look more impressive.

Create A Nice Working Environment

If customers or clients ever come directly to your workplace, for example if your business is a shop or an office, you have to make a good impression here. Think about decor, aesthetics and layout. As an added bonus, a nice working environment is also good news for your employees and can make them more productive,

Build Up Customer Reviews

If a customer has never shopped with you before and is feeling a little unsure, one thing they’re likely to do is read reviews. That way they can see for themselves that other people have shopped with you and haven’t had an issue giving them peace of mind. You can’t pay or offer compensation for reviews, but you can ask customers nicely. If you provide a good service, the good reviews will eventually accumulate.

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