How Promotional Products can be an Important Part of Your Marketing and Branding Strategy

Thinking outside the box is very important when it comes to marketing. Promotional products used as marketing tools really helps companies stand out and get remembered. Many business owners and marketers do not realize that promotional products can be a great addition to your marketing mix. Promotional products, also called promotional gifts, or branded merchandise have your company name and logo printed on them, which can really help with branding, getting the word out about your company, and helping current and potential customers remember your business name.

Stand Out Above the Competition

Marketing can be a tricky and challenging process, so finding interesting ways to get your message through to your target audience is imperative. Promotional products can be used to help get your company remembered and help you stand apart from the rest of the competition. This can be done by choosing unique promotional products that are useful to your customers while also remaining true to your brand and representing your company well.


Types of Promotional Products

Some of the most popular and common promotional products include pens, mugs, calendars, and note pads. They are very useful, but since they are common, we thought we would focus on some of the less common and more unique promotional gifts that you can give away to your customers and ensure that they will remember you for it. Everyone loves to receive something for free, but in order for promotional merchandise to be effective, it needs to be useful and remind recipients of your company. In addition to just helping remember your name, promotional products can aide in getting your corporate message or company culture across as well. If your company is passionate about the environment, safety, or maybe you want your company name to be synonymous with “fun”, those type of message can be conveyed with promotional gifts. Here are’s top 10 promotional gift categories or strategies:

  1. Safety: Showing your customers or clients that you care by offering branded gifts that promote their safety and well-being will go a long way towards getting them to remember you. There are promotional first aid kits available, battery operated torches, high visibility or reflective gear, and even umbrellas to keep them from getting wet.
  2. Environmental Issues: If your company is passionate about conservation and reducing the carbon footprint left on the environment for future generations, you can show that through promotional merchandise. We offer mini plants and seeds, battery operated gadgets, and a large selection of recycled products.
  3. Relaxing and Reducing Stress: We have almost 200 different stress toys just waiting to be branded with your company name. With so many different styles, there is definitely something available to suit your company, brand, or message.
  4. Convenience: If your company is about providing service and convenience, you can promote that through the promotional giveaways that you offer. Consider using promotional bags with custom printing on them.  There are many different types of bags that we offer from conference bags, to reusable totes, to coolers, or even travel and gym bags. Another way to provide convenience to your customers through promotional products is by giving something that they need to buy anyhow. There are a large variety of promotional office supplies available and they make for convenient gifts since any B2B client will need office supplies anyhow. Our branded office supplies include desk accessories, calculators, and message boards, just to name a few.
  5. Fun in the Sun: Not all promotional merchandise has to be work related. See the wonderful reaction your customers and clients have when you give them some promotional beach accessories after purchasing a trip to the Caribbean from your company. That is just one example of a great use for some of our fun in the sun promotional products like towels, water proof containers, or sunscreen.
  6. Electronics: If you are a tech company or sell electronics, get your customers to remember you with customized covers for tablets, smart phones, or computer cases. Stylus pens and USB memory sticks are some of the most popular promotional gadgets.
  7. Cooking and Food: Restaurants or companies that sell cooking supplies or kitchen products can represent themselves well with our cooking products like branded aprons or promotional products that help keep food fresher longer.
  8. Travel: Do you have clients that, by the nature of their job, travel a great deal? Maybe you are a travel company and you want your customers to remember you while they are traveling. We have promotional products for that! Depending on what type of budget you have for your promotional products, we offer something for everyone: from luggage to luggage tags, passport wallets, and travel accessories.
  9. Trade Shows: One of the most popular uses for promotional merchandise is giveaways at trade shows. When people attend a trade show, there is so much competition among the exhibitors, promotional products so giving away promotional products ensures that trade show attendees will remember your company, not just immediately after the show is over, but for possibly years to come because studies have shown that recipients often keep promotional gifts given to them for up to three years.
  10. Clothing: Putting your logo on clothing works for some promotional gifts. However the way that it likely has the best effect is when you have employees wear branded shirts, hats, and other clothing accessories. When they wear them to and from work every day, not only does everyone have a uniform and professional look that is easily identifiable to clients and customers, but it gets a large transfer value when those employees ride public transportation to and from the job, go out to lunch, or go out after work is over.


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