How To Create The Perfect Conference Room

How To Create The Perfect Conference Room

So you’ve got a new business venue and you need to create a conference room for new clients or meetings with your staff members. But where do you start? Conference rooms need to impress your clients enough so that they decide to use your products or services, so everything needs to be perfect. At a bit of a loss on where to begin? Take a look at these ideas on how to create the perfect conference room.

Look at the sizes

There’s nothing worse than entering someone’s office or conference room and it being so small that it makes you feel claustrophobic. Make sure that you’re choosing a room that’s fairly large and spacious so that your clients don’t have an immediate bad impression on your company as they walk through the door. Pair that with neutral and light coloured walls for the perfect base to create your conference room.

Use carpet

Many people might advise you to use wooden flooring for a conference room as it looks more professional. We disagree. You need to give off a welcoming impression to your clients, and wooden flooring isn’t going to achieve that. Wilton carpets offer contract carpet solutions and design the perfect look for your venue. Use carpet in your conference room not only for a more welcoming feel, but for a longer lasting flooring solution. Wood floors are more likely to become scuffed through furniture being moved around too!

Let plenty of light in

Another thing that you need to make sure you’re doing is letting in enough light. If you’re hosting a long conference or presentation, darker rooms will make you feel sleepy and struggle to concentrate. Make sure that you’ve got as much natural light as possible so that your clients or staff members are able to be on top form during your meetings. For artificial lighting, be sure not to use anything that’s too dazzling, as this can induce migraines.

Invest in a projector

No conference room is complete without a projector. Even if you don’t feel like you will use it very often, potential clients might have presentations prepared for you to look at. Plus, it’s much easier for everyone to see things like training sessions if you’ve got a larger display to look at.

Spend a little more on furniture

Finally, the furniture that you’re placing in your conference room is worth spending a little more on, and not just for the comfort side either. The more you spend on furniture, the more professional and successful your business will seem to potential clients; meaning you’re more likely to land that sale.

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