Japan is said to be the most popular destinations wherein one can teach foreign language English, not just in Asia, but all around the world. The competition for high-quality positions is becoming harder day by day and not all can apply for the position of English teaching jobs in Japan. One must be well qualified for the same so that your chances of getting hired by the renowned employer along with the good salary by following tips:

You must have a TEFL Certified

People holding either a TESOL or a TEFL certificate is said to be the first step in order to achieve a successful teaching career. If someone possesses any TESOL or the TEFL certificate, the employers have proper knowledge about the varied teaching skills. Along with that, the employer assures the seriousness in this field of teaching and understands that you are someone looking for working in this field seriously. The tutor supports the same along with the various videos and the learner has all the access to various job offers available on the portal around the globe after the completion of your particular course.

How to get a job?

People holding a TESOL or the TEFL certificate from the TEFL International will always meet with all the favorable job prospects within Japan. Various cities like Tokyo, Osaka do have more TEFL jobs available rather than the teachers to fill them. One can even find plenty of jobs at the public schools with the help of JET Programme (Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme), held in the country with the private schools or the large corporations for Business English.

Job Boards

One can find almost hundreds of the ESL online job boards those have been listing many teaching opportunities across the world. Few job boards list the jobs available around the world; others are in the country or a region specific. In a few cases, you can apply directly on their website wherein the contact information is provided.

Contacting Schools Directly

If you are looking to work in any specific city or any specific region, you need to reach out to them in a proper way. It is a simple task of calling the schools whenever in town asking for the interview schedule for any particular day.


The maximum amount of the job vacancies are more often referred to as “hidden job market”. Networking is a long way wherein one can find lots of job opportunities even if one is not aware of the direct job opening, wherein there is a chance whenever someone does.

School Websites

Various schools do post the jobs on their sites. It includes all the positions which are open and are associated with the school. You need to note that the job posts made by the school may vary from those in the job portals. All you need to do is, if you are looking for some job in one particular school, you need to bookmark its website and visit it on a timely basis.  You can search for some of the best English teaching jobs in Japan online.

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