Improving Morale in the Work Place

Maintaining morale in the workplace is key to high levels of productivity. If your employees are suffering with low morale, then your reputation as a company will undoubtedly suffer in turn. There are, however, a number of things you can do in order to boost morale among your employees. This will therefore increase productivity as well as staff satisfaction.


However, by introducing incentives such as whoever sells the most products in a month receives a bonus day off, this will help motivate the team to do their best. You may also want to use incentives with smaller time frames such as daily or weekly tasks. These can be anything from promoting a service that is not currently being utilised to its maximum potential, to distributing the most leaflets successfully. The rewards do not necessarily have to be huge for these and can be a £10 voucher for a shop or a bag of the person’s favourite sweets. As long as you are creating a bit of healthy competition within the company, you are likely to keep your staff interested.


Think about it; we all get in a bad mood if we are too cold. We become irritable, and productivity is the last thing on our minds, which is why it is important to ensure you have proper heating installed in the workplace for the cold winter months. If you get the right heating units installed then you will definitely see an improvement in terms of mood. The same can also be said for air conditioning; if we are too hot, then we can become very irritable and often concentration flags, making productivity suffer.

As mentioned above, if we are too hot or too cold, work productivity is going to suffer massively because we find it difficult to work in such conditions. However, if you make sure that you have proper heating and air conditioning installed in your workplace, you will notice that productivity is hugely improved. A lot of business owners worry about the cost of installing heating and air conditioning, however when you consider the benefits, it is definitely worth it.



Many businesses do have employee of the month, but a lot of employees can feel that this only goes to people who do the work that stands out and not necessarily to the people who make the effort day in day out. Make sure you reward and recognise the work that all of your staff do, not just one or two people, and filter this attitude down through your management team.

Whether it is simply achieving a personal goal such as completing their first order or taking control of a meeting, make sure the team member knows that their effort has been noticed and tell them when they have done a good job. If a member of staff has gone above and beyond, then senior management should also recognise this and congratulate them on their achievements. This will be noted not only by the member of staff being congratulated, but also the team around them. This will improve company morale by bringing members closer together and creating a sense of unity and respect. It will also encourage all staff to try their hardest to gain the recognition shown to others.

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