[INFOGRAPHIC] Be A Premier Performer At Tackling Debt

Tackling debt is challenging in the best of times—but with the current soft economy and uncertain financial future, managing debts can seem nearly impossible. Many people were negatively affected by the global recession that hasn’t quite lifted yet. Whether it was taking on more debt than they could handle due to easy credit and loans in the early ‘00s, or facing unemployment due to company cutbacks, or being a new graduate who has student loans to pay and no job prospect in sight, millions of people are finding themselves saddled with seemingly insurmountable debt. But these individuals do have recourse, however, that isn’t dependent on a recovering economy, winning the lottery, or declaring bankruptcy.

Potential debt solutions can be as simple as a balance transfer or debt consolidation program, to more complicated ones that involves the courts. This infographic by Consolidated Credit provides debt solutions broken out by severity of debt. Regardless of the individual’s situation, there are feasible solutions that resolve overwhelming debt with the least amount of long-term financial impact. The strategies put forth below can help a struggling individual or family back on track without losing assets.

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