Looking to raise money quickly for your business?

When you need to raise cash quickly and you’re lucky enough to have a high-end watch in your possession, selling the watch is often your fastest route to raising the cash you need.

But what’s the best way of going about it? How can you be sure you’re getting the best price, and which method will yield the fastest results with the least stress and effort on your part? Various places offer watches bought for cash services, so if you’re asking yourself where can I sell my Rolex for cash, read on. Here are a few suggestions for you.

Jewellery Shops

Some time spent browsing the high street will reveal the fact that lots of jewellery shops have a second-hand section, and some of these items may be pre-owned watches. You could go in and ask for a valuation of your watch, but be aware that not all jewellers are necessarily watch experts.


Pawnbrokers offer a fast solution to those needing to raise cash quickly. You’re unlikely to realise the best price possible on a luxury watch if you offer it at such a place, but you do get the option to buy it back at a later date. Most people who sell luxury watches want to realise something on their initial investment, so if it’s possible to take a little longer and get a better price, you’d be advised to do so.

Online Auctions

There are various online auction sites, and a quick search through any of them will show you several luxury watches for sale. Selling through auctions online is a risk because you never know what price you’ll get in the end and you may end up letting your watch go for a fraction of its true value. Also bear in mind that you’ll have listing and final value fees to pay and quite likely a reserve fee should you wish to put a reserve on it to safeguard against a poor auction result.

Specialist Watch Buyers

A specialist cash watch buying service knows top-of-the-range luxury watches inside out because that’s their business, so they’re likely to give you a valuation you can trust. Furthermore, because they’re in the business of buying watches, they have the money ready and waiting to pay a fair price.

Adding the price you’re likely to realise with the convenience of dealing with an established and trusted online dealer means you’re often getting the best of both worlds.

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