Network Knowledge: Is Your Business Using the Right Monitoring Services?

Network Knowledge: Is Your Business Using the Right Monitoring Services?

In this digital age, every business knows more than it realizes. As it focuses on what it considers important, data is moving, accumulating, and disappearing as a matter of course, But, there’s information in those resources.

Your business has network knowledge that you can’t put identify, manage, or use without the right monitoring services.

Network knowledge

Businesses must have ways to mine their data for extra values in their knowledge assets. They need the advantage of untouched or ignored information.

Knowledge networking is a move away from using computers from data processing to multi-platform communications. An article in the Public Administration Review refers to an arising need to shift from a “need to know” to a “need to share.”

Only a third of the content in any business network is necessary for its operation. The rest represents the “tacit knowledge” of the network users, a dynamic source of business information.

As the power and influence of computers increases, you must consider its emerging purposes:

  • Search: Computing is a gateway to searching global databases and increasing knowledge content.
  • Cognition: Users shape and store clusters and patterns in data, and their thinking is altered in return.
  • Conversation: Emails, conferencing, Skype connections, and project management platforms enable one-on-one communication and collaboration.
  • Knowledge experts: Dashboards, forums, and bulletin boards invite discussion, input, and feedback with and from global connections that would not otherwise be possible.

And, all of this occurs in real time with an asynchronous currency that makes it difficult to monitor and manage.

Using the right network monitoring services

With complicated and layered IT systems, somebody should be watching what’s going on. While proprietary organizational knowledge is at risk of loss, theft, and misuse, so too is the cognitive, tacit, and integrated knowledge.

The New York Times reported, “the rise of the Internet has created the need for such monitoring and alarm services for e-commerce companies of all size.” IT professionals have spent decades monitoring servers, switches, and routers looking for cyber-intrusions, server failure, and router disruption. As organization computers have advanced, so to have the risks.

If you hope to monitor network health, you need a monitoring service that meets core needs”

  1. Real-time: Monitoring demands currency. You need news now to respond quickly. Good monitoring brings news to you so you don’t have to find it.
  2. Troubleshoot: You need notice of frequent failures and glitches, a means to analyze hardware and systems problem and response cycles and take corrective action.
  3. Scalability: Your system will architecture will expand. More locations and devices will connect. And, the monitoring service should anticipate that growth and adapt to support it.
  4. Security: You might have gold standard security in place. But, you still need a way to monitor the automation and performance.
  5. Savings: With timely notice of diagnostics, you know what needs to be fixed, moved, dropped, or restored. It allows you to respond seamlessly and cost-efficiently.

Is your business using the right monitoring services?

Network knowledge is something the business owns but may or may not control. It may not know or value what it has. And, ignorance will cost that business finally and deadly.

Futurist Gerd Leonhard, writing for The Guardian about the future of learning in an era of artificial intelligence, predicts, “The goal will be to attain something that transcends mere data streams and creates real value, much like a painter’s value is not in the paint but in the picture.”

Your business leadership must take the time to assess its network monitoring capabilities. Any contemporary business must proactively monitor network applications, device configurations, traffic, and virtual environments — all in a real-time intuitive interface.

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