One Billion Active Websites; 95% Are Awful

One Billion Active Websites; 95% Are Awful

Internet statistics show that are currently over 1.3 billion websites currently existence. While not all of them are business related, a very large number are linked to commercial endeavours. After all, the vast majority of modern entrepreneurs appreciate that a strong web game can make all the difference. Sadly, the vast majority of those websites fall a long way short of their targets.

There’s no way to confirm the number of websites that perform as they should, but it’s safe to say that the number is very low. Here’s why.


Poor Design

First impressions count for a lot in the world of online business. If your website struggles to capture the imagination within the first few seconds, the chances of winning over a client are lost forever.

Nobody wants to waste money in business. The fact that you could create a site by yourself encourages you to do it. However, the advice of experts like Darren Langley is priceless. From page layouts and colour schemes to navigational properties, getting those mechanisms right is key. Likewise, mobile optimisation is huge.

If the website looks bad, the business looks bad by association. It truly is that simple.

 Inadequate SEO

Satisfying the consumer’s demands and expectations is one thing, but getting them to visit the site is another altogether. Social media and blogging can direct traffic to your site. In truth, though, your Google ranking is the greatest asset of all.   

Appearing well on search engines boost visibility, presence, and consumer trust. After all, most people link a strong SEO rank with professionalism and quality. Getting your on-site page optimisation is essential while link building and other ideas will have a positive impact too.

Without the support of good SEO, your website will get lost among the crowd.     

Lack Of Contact Details

When running a blog or a website that doesn’t seek traditional customers, anonymity is fine. When the site runs as part of a business, however, clients need trust. As such, working with transparency is vital.   

Displaying your contact details in a clear fashion should be top of the agenda. From business registrations to phone numbers, those details generate trust. Sensee virtual services can handle the bulk of those customer care issues, leaving you to focus on the venture itself. Either way, ticking this box of support will prevent potential damage to your rep.

Staying secretive ultimately encourages people to have doubts about the venture. This is something all business sites should avoid.

Poor Connection

As with an offline store, your website is about more than products. Consumers like to feel connected to the brand and the people behind it. Understanding the key demographic and their specific trends can make all the difference.

 Whether it’s presenting content in a different tone, focusing on different aspects of a service, or embracing new media doesn’t matter. Those intricate details are what truly make a website tick, and this is the key to gaining converted sales.   

A website still needs a little luck to succeed while PPC ads and other marketing will play a role too. Still, with those solid foundations in place, your hopes of success become far greater. That immediately puts you in the top 5%.

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