How To Protect Your Emails From All Angles

In the modern world where next to everything is done on a computer, there is a great deal of awareness surrounding online threats and viruses.

Almost everyone knows not to download links that look suspicious or open attachments from an unknown sender. However, in the business world with so many emails being sent back and forth, there are so many acute threats that it can be hard to keep track of them all.

Why protect emails?

If an email system is not made to be secure then there are many risks you and your company can become under threat from. Spam emails can get through without effective filtering and non-encrypted emails can give away vital information about your company or personnel.

There is also the possibility that emails can be intercepted and manipulated before being sent to their final destination – all without the sender becoming aware. Fortunately there are secure email providers such as the people at Mimecast, which can help.

What can be done?

The most basic level of protection is to introduce a spam filter, which will scan all incoming emails for common themes associated with spam emails. While spam is not generally harmful to your computer or company, it can be a nuisance and there is the chance that links could contain threats.

As well as this, there are anti-virus scanners to keep out risky attachments and encryption which will stop emails being intercepted and altered en-route to their destination.

Find a company that does the lot

All the individual bits and pieces to keep your company’s emails secure can be obtained individually, but systems such as Mimecast will provide everything you need in the one package.

With a company that specializes in all aspects of email security, you will be in safe hands. Instead of picking and choosing what you think you need only to come unstuck and under attack, you can benefit from having the maximum level of security with Mimecast who offer everything including an email secure server.

Don’t risk not having ant-virus

At the very least, you should make sure that your emails systems are set up with anti-virus software, which will help keep out the most obvious threats. Consider looking for a system that works with the cloud to automatically keep definitions and threat detection up to date. Email security is important, but it should not take up valuable time in the working day and the only way to ensure this happens it to use the right system for you and your business.

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