Rearranging Your Office For Productive Days

Rearranging Your Office For Productive Days

When we have a lot of people working in the same workspace all day long, it can become a messy place very quickly. Our office needs to be a place for productive working and easy access to what we need, and today we are going to talk about ways to organize and change your office for more productive working.

Purge the space

Before you start trying to sort through your things and rearrange everything, you all need to have a clear out in your office space. This is the perfect opportunity for you to clear away old paper and boxes, shred unneeded documents and clear out any samples which are piling up in your store cupboard. This is a job which might take you all some time, but it is worth taking a quiet Friday afternoon it clear out your space so that you can make way for a better system if the future.

Incoming space

Every office should have an area where incoming work is placed. On your desk, you can place a tray where any incoming and outstanding work can be placed each day so that you know what projects are open for you each day. Keep this at the edge of your desk away from everything else so that people can pop items in there when they need to.

Clear your computer

It isn’t just your physical documents and files which need to be sorted through and rearranged, you need to do the same for your computer. Often we work so quickly in our day to day lives that we simply save a document without bothering to archive it in a folder. This is fine until you need to access the file again and spend ages trying to find it. If you can segment your work into folders by category, year and month: it can make your day much easier when you need old files to hand.

Light and space

For productive working, you need to think as much about your mental state as you do about the state of the office itself. We work better with a clear, uncluttered space so it is important to take the time to clear paper off your desk and put everything you don’t need out of sight. Lighting is also important for better working so you should ditch the thick curtains around your windows and opt for sleek blinds with Commercial Blinds & Glazing Ltd instead. This will make a huge difference to your mood and ability to work.

One in, one out

A method you should start to input into your working style is the idea of bringing one piece of work onto your desk and taking one off. It will ensure that your desk never gets too clogged up with paper and will allow you to concentrate on one piece of work at a time instead of having your attention pulled elsewhere. It can make your working day go much more smoothly and will keep your desk nice and clear for every fresh day you enter the office.

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