Social Networking Safety for Teens – Mobile Monitoring App

A decade ago, it was impossible to imagine that social media will play a crucial role in our lives. Whether you have subscribed to a social media tool or not, it is a fact that your children will never know a life without it. Facebook is going to be or is already the first platform your children will choose. Although it is an empowering and convenient site, it can be a scary place for parents. Fortunately, you can do something to keep kids safe while they connect with people using the different social platforms. TrackMyFone, a mobile monitoring app offers an all in one solution.

Maintain Perspective

When used to as an extension of friendship you have in the real world, Facebook can be very helpful. However, when used for cyber-reality, it can prove a more dangerous platform. “Friendship” online is just a bubble, created as a completely separate and parallel life. This is why it is important for parents to make sure that their kids limit the time they spend on Facebook and similar sites. Moreover, it is necessary to educate kids about reviewing the posts they share with the world. Any picture or comment and information they share on such sites can lead to serious consequences like cyberbullying or identity theft. In short, one must not share information online if they would not share it in real life. In other words, their social media must be a reflection of reality and not otherwise.

Facebook Safety Measures

In a publication, the Facebook spokesperson said, “Nothing is more important to Facebook than the safety of the people who use it, especially our many younger users”. According to the site’s requirements, a child must be at least thirteen years old, and it is the duty of the parents to educate and supervise the usage by their child. He also said, “Facebook offers granular privacy settings that allow users to have control over the information they share and the people with whom they share it. We encourage parents to discuss privacy settings with their teens to decide what level of privacy makes the most sense for them, and review these settings together often”.

Another major issue Facebook is taking seriously is cyber bullying. Therefore, it is mandatory for parents to monitor what information their kids share on social sites. Adjusting the privacy settings is a good way to start protecting their kids.

The Realities a Mobile Monitoring App Reveals

Most kids fail to understand the permanence of sensitive information shared on cyber-space. Although Facebook is generally a safe platform for social media networking, there are malicious people using the site too. Kids should keep their passwords private and add only selected friends. A very good rule to follow is not to accept random friend requests, without knowing the person in real life.

Parents should tell their kids not to post or share personal information like their location, telephone numbers, or sensitive photos and videos and home address.

Keeping an Eye Remotely

After installing TrackMyFone, you can access all conversations on Facebook messenger from a browser-based control panel. There you will be able to see entire threads of conversations with different contacts. With this mobile monitoring app, you can screen all the information shared and even check multimedia shared. Teens tend to use Facebook messenger to make free calls using Wi-Fi internet. When they want to keep secrets, they use this advantage. However, parents can track whom their kids speak to and at what times they do so.

Now you can keep your kids safe without alarming them or hovering over them. From a distance, you can keep track of things they do on social media.

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