Start Building A Winning Team For 2018

Start Building A Winning Team For 2018

4 Reasons Why A Team Bonding Day Will Give Your Workforce A Boost

If morale and productivity have taken a tumble in your organisation, consider going on a team building day to inject collaboration and communication into your employees.

As we near the final quarter of 2017, many companies are already looking back at the successes and challenges of the year and are wondering how to improve their business processes going forward. The answer is to look to your staff. Your company will only ever be as good as the employees you have working for you, but often a great deal of staff potential is left on the shelf. Focus on fostering collaboration and communication amongst your workers and you’ll be well on your way to increased productivity and profits.

Team building events are the best place to start when looking to improve interactions amongst your co-workers. Here are four reasons why you need to get out of the office and enjoy a shared team bonding experience to get your business on the right path for 2018.



Morale is known to increase in an office environment when workers have good relationships with colleagues. Of course, it’s not always that easy to make friends in some jobs and although some groups may enjoy after work drinks together, other introverted members of the team might find a pub environment to be too intimidating to attend. Team building events offer the opportunity for workers to get to know each other, outside of the office environment. The activities on offer allow for shared experiences to be remembered and talked about long after the team bonding day is over.

Healthy Competition

Any boss likes to see workers striving hard to achieve, and team building events provide the ideal setting to indulge in some healthy competition. Often your staff will be split into groups who are then pitted against each other in head-to-head team events. The benefits of instilling such a can-do attitude in your staff last far beyond the team-building, leading to increased productivity back in the office.


All workplaces have employees with conflicting characters. But by leaving the office environment, those who don’t usually get along can be encouraged during team activities to work together to achieve a positive solution. Your staff will learn each other’s strengths and gain a newfound respect for each other along the way.

Where you have multiple departments within your organisation who are often at odds with each other, team bonding experiences offer an excellent insight into what makes these co-teams tick. If this is your goal, then make sure that you build teams made up of individuals from separate departments, to give everyone a better chance of getting to know each other.

Better Engagement With Management

Retaining staff is critical to the success of a business as recruitment is often such an arduous and expensive process. One key way to keep your staff happy is to ensure that they are comfortable with the leadership in the organisation. The ability to approach your boss with any queries or concerns and feel that you’re being listened to is absolutely essential. By engaging with leadership during a team building day, employees often find that their managers are much more down to earth than they had previously thought. The fun nature of tackling obstacle courses together or collecting tickets from within a Crystal Maze dome breaks down many barriers and leads to far better engagement.

There’s no time like the present to look to the future of your organisation and book a team building event. If you get in there quickly, you might even be able to host a Christmas team-building party to really start you on the right path for the New Year.

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