Staying safe in the workplace: office security tips

Staying safe in the workplace: office security tips

Safety should be a top priority in the workplace but with our busy schedules and the hustle and bustle of office life, it can be something that’s often overlooked. Protect your business and employees by following these tips.


Security should be part of your daily routine

If you haven’t already included essential security checks into your daily workplace routine, then you need to do this immediately. Incorporating checks into your schedule doesn’t take much time but will alert you to any problems that need addressing, quickly. For example, checking office doors and windows for signs of force when you arrive at the office in the morning will give you early warning of an attempted break in and allow you to take prompt action.

Throughout the working day the office should be occupied by at least one member of staff at all times, and any cash or valuables should be within sight of a trusted employee. At the end of the day valuable items should be stored securely in a lockable cupboard or safe, and cash removed from the premises. Windows and doors should all be closed and securely locked. If your business premises’ doors or windows are old then they could pose a risk, and so you should consider replacing them with new secure products such as those installed by reputable glazing companies like Minster Windows.

Install CCTV

Having a CCTV system in place has been proven to reduce crime, and so you should consider installing one if you haven’t already. Where you position your cameras is very important, both in terms of their ability to capture useful footage in the unfortunate event of a break in, and also in terms of their ability to act as a deterrent. You need to position them where they can monitor likely entry points, but also where they are visible to a potential burglar. Prominently displayed cameras can really help to deter anyone  for a property to break into, as well as passing opportunists. Do ensure that you follow the Data Protection Act if your cameras are positioned in such a way that they record your employees.

An access control system

An access control system can help keep your workplace secure by requiring employees to use a code or keycard to gain access to particular areas of the business. Such a system is an effective way of keeping out opportunist thieves, and also provides an effective method of tracking which of your employees has entered or exited the building, and when. Some modern access control systems use audio and video to allow entry – facial recognition for example – whilst others may incorporate biometric fingerprint scanning technology.

Secure your data

Cyber security is very important and should definitely not be overlooked. Ensure that staff have passwords set on their computers and that they lock their PCs when away from their desks. PC operating systems should be kept fully updated and antivirus software installed and operational. If you dispose of old computer equipment or photocopiers, ensure that data on the hard drives is removed, as it could pose a security risk should it fall into the wrong hands. Confidential printed data should be securely locked away in secure cabinets.

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