Take A Look At Your Business Through A Client’s Eyes

When entrepreneurs say that their business is their baby, that may be a more apt analogy than even they realize. They put so much of their effort, time, hard work and attention into raising their business; nurturing it from a spark of inspiration to a working, functioning enterprise that parallels between entrepreneurship and parenting are kind of inevitable. Yet, just as we’re often too blinded by love to notice our kids’ shortcomings, so too can we often be too close (both emotionally and in terms of perspective) to our businesses to identify any areas that need development. In these cases, a fresh pair of eyes can be extremely illuminating. There’s a reason why movie studios show advance test screenings, why authors get legions of editors and proofreaders to go over their books and why businesses invest good money in expert advice to help them to view their business from a new perspective.

It’s often a good idea to look at your business through the eyes of a prospective client, starting at the most outfacing aspects of your business and working your way inwards. If you really want a fresh perspective, ask yourself…

How easy are you to find?

What’s the value in being the best in your chosen field if nobody knows who you are? Search Engine Optimisation may be a popular buzz term in business parlance today but underestimate its importance at your peril. Your search engine rankings will play a huge part in how many people are drawn to your online presence and from there to more personal contact with your business. If you’ve never had an SEO audit you would do well to contact a specialist like White Label SEO. A specialist will be able to help you to gain more traffic organically, but it all amounts to nothing if your physical practices don’t match the promise of your online presence.

How easy are you to contact?

User Experience or UX is an increasingly important part of a business’ online presence. Most people consume digital content on the go through their smartphones, so your content needs to be well optimised for mobile readers. Moreover, it must be quick and easy for a user to be able to identify a means to contact you. If your landing page and / or home page doesn’t feature your phone number, a contact email address or a live chat or chat bot there’s little chance that a user will stick around for long enough to make contact.

What sort of welcome do you provide?

When a client walks into your place of business, what’s the first person they see? Who’s the first person to greet them? What will form the impression that they make of your business and (by association, you). If they push open the door to a lackluster reception area that’s poorly maintained and bears traces of litter, if they’re greeted by a surly temp on reception and if they have to spend a long time waiting to be seen, they probably won’t be inclined to wait too long for you.

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