The benefits of keeping marketing consistent

The benefits of keeping marketing consistent

The marketing industry has rapidly changed in recent years, with companies taking braver, smarter approaches to their campaigns. But whether you prefer bold moves or understated charm, the key to success in your campaign lies in consistency. Alongside litho printing specialists Precision Printing, we explore the methods to achieve this.

Creating something iconic for your company

A good enough marketing campaign can become an entity in its own right. Brands should always be focusing on what sets them apart from the rest, and these features should be emphasised in every campaign. In doing so, you’ll create a presence which is synonymous to your brand, so your customers build recognition which you can trigger through the simplest of actions — from seeing a simple logo to watching an advert.

There are many iconic brands who have succeeded in this. Consider those famous golden arches of McDonalds. By choosing to be consistent with the physical presence of your brand, over time you’ll become more recognisable.

Be the brand people can depend on

Building your brand with consistent quality is not an overnight process. Consistent marketing helps to make products and brands seem dependable, as the customer has a criteria of qualities that they immediately associate with a product, meaning they are more likely to return to it. In order to become dependable, your brand needs to avoid mixed signals — for example, you couldn’t really have a social media presence as playful as that of Burger King, then present a sterile, plain product. By keeping your band guidelines central to your marketing, you’ll develop consistency by keeping your brand aligned to its core values, making you overall more dependable and trustworthy.

Airbnb is a great example of this. They make regular use of user-generated content to convey their dependability as a brand, by demonstrating to customers how their products fit the criteria which they have outlined. By consistently doing so, the brand seems more human and relatable, showing the reality of the service and placing value in the customers who use it.


A sense of ‘character’ in a brand is crucial for keeping customers engaged. Consistency can affect this though, and if you aren’t careful with the persona you’ve created then your brand message risks getting convoluted. The beauty and skin care company Glossier have designed a unique, quirky style for their marketing, and it never wavers. From social media posts to their email marketing campaigns, Glossier have mastered a friendly tone of voice which resonates with their loyal following of beauty addicts. The brands ‘Millennial Pink’ hue alone is a force to be reckoned with, and a study by DesignAdvisor found that 80 per cent of brand recognition often comes from colour palette alone. This level of consistency has secured founder Emily Weiss and her brand a value of $1.2 billion, only five years after setting up shop.


Maintaining consistency is vital if you want your brand to stand out in the heavily saturated worked of advertising and marketing.

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