The benefits of online CRM software

In its simplest form, CRM, or client relationship management software, allows businesses to manage their client interactions in a controlled, systematic way. Relevant for both current and potential new customers, it helps to cultivate good client relationships and get the most from your communications with them.

With more businesses operating online than ever before, could it be time for your company to take the leap, and dive into online, cloud-based on CRM softwareCRM software ? Here are some of the ways you could benefit from the jump…

Synchronise your departments

In any type of organisation, it’s useful to be on the same page, and an online CRM unites all departments; creating links between directors, sales, marketing and administration. With this, there’s a bigger union between teams, and each group knows exactly what to do to further customer engagement. In addition to this, CRM software can often synchronise with finance software and other business applications, giving you 360-degree business management.

Improve your marketing strategy

Online CRM software lets you know more about your customers than ever before. You can gain an insight into how you connect with your customers, exactly who responds to each communication, and what your most successful messages have been. With all of this data at your fingertips, you are well-placed to review your existing marketing strategy, and adapt to suit what has been successful so far. For example: if no-one responded to your newsletter, but 20% tried out your discount code, it’s clear which direction you should be taking your marketing.

Goodbye extensive admin

Is yours an office that copies and pastes, or worse still, types out customer data into your offline database or list of spreadsheets.? Do you still manually send emails about meetings, appointments and follow-ups? With a CRM system, your administration is automated, and records are kept up-to-date without your input. This frees up valuable staff time to focus on other essential areas.

Access it anywhere

Do you have an active, off-site sales team? Online CRM systems will give them up-to-the-minute updates on what’s going on in the business, and will automatically inform them of any potential leads or prospects in the pipeline. Many CRM products now have tablets and smart phone apps as part of their package, so employees can easily access data from a client’s office, or when working from home.

You get an extra security guard

One of the great wonders of online CRM systems is the security of the cloud. As long as you select a reputable provider, such as Cellular Solutions, you can be assured that everything is secure and protected, and that you are in compliance with the data protection regulations expected of your business. Plus, with your data in the cloud, your communications and documents are always backed-up, then double backed-up, and then backed-up again – you’re even protected from fire or theft!

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