The Most Common Mistakes Businesses Make With Guest Blogging

Guest posting is becoming a great way for you to extend the reach of your business. Creating fantastic content is a powerful marketing tool. But all too often, when it comes to guest blogging,  companies are making mistakes that are sabotaging their bottom lines. The following are some common mistakes your business should seek to avoid.

Not Having A Strategy

Before you start any marketing endeavour, it’s important to have a strategy. And nowhere is this more the case than when you’re guest blogging. Other bloggers will be highly critical of your material. They’ll want to make sure that you’re bringing something of genuine value to their readership. At the same time, you’ll want to create content that is tailored for a slightly different readership than yours. That means that the content will probably need to be something a little different from what you’re used to writing.

Targeting The Wrong Blogs

When it comes to guest blogging a lot of businesses, make the mistake of targeting the wrong blogs. For their marketing to be effective, they need to target blogs that have the right keywords. Without the right trending keywords, their results are likely to fall short of expectations. An ideal blog would be one that has the right keywords. But it will also be one with a slightly different audience to your own. After all, the whole point of guest blogging is to expand the reach of your marketing.

Not Building Real Social Connections

Blog managers tend to be busy people. They’re doing all they can to ensure the high-quality of the content that they produce. Often they’re not all that keen on checking through and editing content from random guest bloggers. As a guest blogger, you’re far more likely to get noticed if you know the blog manager to begin with. That’s why it’s so important to build connections with other blogs before guest posting.

Covering A Previously Covered Topic

A lot of guest bloggers of the belief that they should cover a topic that has been done before on a blog. After all, they want to appeal to the blog’s target audience. But it’s rarely the case that bloggers want guests to post on topics that they have already covered. Bloggers want fresh material for their blogs because they want to keep their patrons interested. That’s why businesses need to figure out ways to create content that’s different from what has gone before. Yes, you should stay within the boundaries of the topics covered by the blog. But you need to find a new angle or introduce a new product. It can’t just be a rehash of the stuff that has gone before. Find some cool guest posting tricks and apply them to your work.

Not Selling Yourself
A lot of businesses don’t see themselves as having any particular blogging prowess. But given that most businesses have teams with diverse skills, there’s bound to be somebody with some writing skills. Find that person and sell their abilities to the guest blog. Send out samples if you need. Anything to convince the blog manager that you can offer quality.

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