Three Ways to Improve Your Business’ Image

So, you’ve devoted all of your energy and resources into creating and setting up a small business – now it’s time to get the word out to potential customers! As you know, the market is competitive and tough for small start-ups, so how can you make your business stand out?

Here are three ways to promote your business to help it gain the attention, and customer-base, that it deserves.

  1. Image Matters

For your business to get noticed, you need to create a professional, well-presented brand image that gives the impression that the customer is using a reliable and trustworthy business.

Make sure your brand image is consistent across your website, physical stores and promotional material as this will help increase awareness of your business. Having a consistent logo or message within your brand will make your business stand out as you’ll be instantly recognisable to customers.

  1. Focus on Customers

Unlike big corporations, small businesses have a face that customers can communicate with and relate to. Encouraging customers to develop a relationship with you – the people behind the brand – is important to keeping a loyal customer-base who will continue returning.

Excellent customer service is key for businesses to remain competitive. There has been a shift from transactional to relationship economy in recent years, with customers looking for a real dialogue with businesses. This is good news for small businesses, who can provide a more personalised experience for their customers and build lasting relationships.

Make your customer’s experience of your businesses as straightforward and easy as possible and they will be more likely to make a repeat purchase.

  1. Get Involved in the Community

As a small business, you should stay active in the community as it is a good way to promote a positive image of your company, as well as giving something back.

Follow Motorpoint’s lead –some of their salespeople spent a day in a charity shop in the run up to Christmas, using their skills to help sell items. Not only were they giving back to the local community, but they were able to subvert the negative car salesperson stereotype and promote a positive image for their brand.

Another way of participating in the community is by championing local independent businesses. By doing this, you’re helping to boost the local economy and supporting those in a similar situation to your own business, whilst also reaching a wider audience base.

The image of your business can be key to whether you succeed or fail. Make sure that your business is noticed in the local community and provide a professional and reliable service for your customers. Once this relationship has been established, you can focus your efforts on continuing to grow your business.

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