Totes Emote – Getting To The Heart Of Emotional Marketing

Totes Emote – Getting To The Heart Of Emotional Marketing

Emotion is powerful. In marketing, it tells a story which compels watchers and listeners to invest in the product or service. It may not be a solid conversion such as a purchase, but it one-hundred percent raises brand awareness. Of course, harnessing its power and making it appear genuine is a very difficult task because the marketing has to be real. Turn up with a tacky, caricatured version and the customers will spot it from a mile away. To help, the following are the tips to consider.

Here’s how to get to the heart of emotional marketing.

Associate With Inspirations

Banks have been and are still using this trick since the impacts of the 2008 Crash. Santander, for example, has TV and radio ads with Jessica Ennis-Hill, a gold medal winner and world-class Olympian. As soon as people see her on the screen, they can’t help but remember the heroics of London 2012. Straight away, whether people like it or not, they are inspired to make a difference and that reflects positively on the business. SMEs can use this method but on a smaller scale. For instance, associate the brand with a local legend and one that the community trusts.

Express Love Across The Board

Love is the most powerful emotion known to humankind. Mums, dads, wives and boyfriends do things for their loved ones that are selfless and altruistic. There is nothing like this emotion to make people feel positive about life. Life insurance companies are probably the best example as they use the family dynamic to encourage investment. However, it’s pointless when consumers can’t feel the love throughout the firm. Using to change content marketing is a start, but don’t forget about the company attitude. Going the extra mile shows customers that you care and love them enough to help out in their time of need.

Tap Into Dreams And Fears

Everyone has dreams that they wish to achieve and fears they want to avoid. Not to sound twisted, but you have to provoke both to get a reaction. Goals are positive and will make a person want to change, yet it might not carry enough weight. Fears, therefore, provide the base with a kick up the backside to be proactive and fight back. The key, according to, is to align the advert with hope or a desire. At the moment, the #MeToo and Time’s Up campaigns are giving women the weapons to dream of a world without inequality. At the same time, they make sure they understand the pitfalls of not speaking out.

Give Them AN Excuse

It’s amazing how many people want to make a conversion but aren’t given a chance. Milestones are a part of life and something everyone understands and complies with. Think of anything from a birthday to an anniversary. Brands and businesses are no different, which is why you should use an occasion to your advantage. McDonald’s is currently promoting ’50 years of the Big Mac’ and early stats show customers are eating it up, no pun intended.

Do you have what it takes to connect the brand with a feeling or an emotion?

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