Web Working: Avoid These Online Fiascos

Web Working: Avoid These Online Fiascos

Now that most people have at least part of their businesses interests online, it’s vital to stay ahead of the trends in this area. Otherwise, you can easily find yourself falling prey to all sort of issues that can compromise the success of your businesses. Read on to find out what these issues are, and how to avoid a real fiasco when working on the web.



Unfortunately, the damage that ransomware can do has become evident in recent days with the crisis in the NHS. For those that are unfamiliar with the term, ransomware is a type of virus that hackers use to close down access to your data on the computer. They then demand a ransom in return for access.

At best this can seriously delay work, at worst you can lose all unbacked up data. So it’s something that really needs to be avoided.

To do this ensure that your antivirus software is as up to date as possible and run frequent scans to check for anything untoward on your computer. Also, limit the types of sites that can be accessed on your work network to ones whose certificates that are in order.

Intellectual Property Theft

Another fiasco that you want to avoid when working online is having someone copy your ideas. Unfortunately, due to the proliferation of image sharing and social media, good ideas travel very quickly, and there always seems to be someone there to reproduce your product faster and more cheaply than you.

That is why you need to realise that brand protection plays a part in the success of a business. Without this, you are leaving your hard work and creativity open to theft and plagiarism.

To help with this, you can register your designs and logos, as well as watermark any product photos that you are using. Although it can also help to employ a legal specialist in this area to get the most effective and up to date advice.

Unsecured lines

The next online working fiasco that you will want to avoid is using unsecured lines for business transactions. Unsecured lines are ones that are potentially open, which means if you are using any confidential customer information, or business secret, other people may have access to them.

Rectify this by ensuring your business lines are secure. In addition to having a clear policy in place where employees cannot use open, unsecured lines to conduct company business. Such as those at WIFI hotspots.

Data loss

Obviously, one of the biggest and more severe online working fiascos that can occur is losing your company’s data. This can happen if you are hacked as mentioned above, or because of a system failure.

Losing data can have catastrophic effects on your business success, so must be prevented in any way possible. Some companies use their own server systems to ensure that regular backups of data occur daily. While others use cloud-based storage to backup their data. Whichever you pick, just ensure that there is minimal risk regarding both data loss and security issues.

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