What Markets Had The Highest Growth Last Year?

The markets had an up and down year in 2015, and have been trying to stabilise after many periods of economic downturn. Luckily, there are many markets that are still doing well, and some markets have even been booming. So which markets did well in 2015, and should we now be cautiously optimistic?

New cars

The European market for new cars rose by 9.3% in 2015, and brought them back to pre-2009 levels. Car sales from dealerships rose, and this shows that consumers are starting to have faith in the market again, as they’re willing to invest in a luxury item. Sales rose for vehicles from around the world, with USA, Asian, and European brands remaining popular.


House prices in the UK grew on average 4.5%, and don’t show any signs of slowing down in certain areas of the country. London was at the heart of the boom, with a 9.6% rise in the property market, while the only decrease was in the North East with prices decreasing by a tiny 0.3%.

Areas that saw a large increase include:

  • South East – especially close to London
  • North West
  • Midlands


Gold has long been a popular investment for buyers who want to put their money into something tangible. This year, gold hit its highest ever price, and most experts are predicting a levelling off. Much of the gold market is made up of banks who want to fill their reserves, with money coming from Russia, China, and other newly wealthy countries.

Cloud computing

The cloud computing market continued to outperform projected growth, and this means companies such as RedPixie had an impressive year. More and more companies are moving into the cloud, and so this growth could very well remain in 2016.


Consumers around the world are demanding better mobile technology, and this is why the smartphone market grew 13% in 2015. Citizens of countries such as China are keen to catch up with their western counterparts and are buying smartphones in droves. However, experts predict that, as with the western market, things will slow down after an initial buying frenzy.


Oil stocks rose in 2015, and many experts are making lists of oil stocks to watch for 2016. The oil market can be extremely volatile, and if you’re going to invest in these risky stocks, then it’s worth getting expert advice.


The last few years have seen a rise in men becoming more aware of their image, and this means more men queueing at the tills. In 2015, menswear outgrew all the other clothing markets, and retailers have been working hard to push sales with celebrity lines and other gimmicks. It’s not just physical stores either, men are now more likely to shop online and to spend more time thinking about the latest trends.

It’s always difficult to predict what the market will do, but it’s not all doom and gloom in 2015. Certain markets did well, and investing wisely could bring back excellent returns.

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