What You Can Learn From Saatchi’s Online Strategy

The History of Saatchi

For a long time, artists and art lovers only had single platforms where they could sell and buy art items. These were in art galleries all over the world. The process of buying and selling artistic items from galleries had its advantages, but there are lots of concerns that many stake holders expressed about the trend. The Saatchi online strategy can be traced back to the Saatchi gallery in London which has been around since 1985. At the beginning, it was a simple gallery, but with a different ideology of providing a platform for emerging artists to sell their wares. After many years of operation as a normal art gallery for new artists, Saatchi online became a reality in 2006.

What Are The Glaring Lessons From Saatchi’s Online Strategy?

Although there are many benefits of the online strategy from Saatchi art gallery, it is worth noting that the most glaring benefit of the strategy is the millions of artists and art lovers that it has brought together. Considering that the world is going online in very many aspects, taking art to an online platform has many advantages worth talking about.

Up and coming artists who had problems showcasing their items in large galleries can now expose their items online for everyone to see and even buy. This means that anyone who has an item to sell can do so even if they do not have the resources to enroll their items in a large art gallery. For buyers, the intimidating atmosphere that keeps many people away from buying items they like at galleries is not present when you sell items on an online platform.

It Is Easier To Increase Sales in an Online Gallery than At a Brick and Mortar Gallery

To sell anything, you need to have a large market where you can expose your stuff to as many people as possible. The cost of organizing art exhibitions in galleries is way too high for many artists especially those who are just getting into the industry. It is however good news for such artists because the online platform gives every artist an equal chance of exhibiting and even negotiating the best terms and rates with clients. The commissions that galleries give to artists of about 50% also go up when you use Saatchi online.

Benefits of Saatchi’s Online Strategy to Emerging Artists

Judging by the going trends, an online platform is the best forum to sell any product. Saatchi online relies heavily on this fact. The other advantage that artists get from the online platform is the opportunity to negotiate their own rates for products they have for sale. When dealing with private galleries, the gallery owner gets to decide the terms of engagement between the client, the artists and even the gallery. In most cases, these terms are very inhibiting especially for the artists. New artists find it easier to meet clients even if they do not have any experience in selling items. The online platform enhances exposure for all kinds of artistic products at no extra cost.

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