Why the Cloud can be a catalyst for future growth

With the economy finally back on the up, it’s looking like a positive time for the majority of businesses at the moment.

Instead of concerning themselves with how to preserve their operations and what they can afford to cut back, organisations are finally looking forward – planning how they can take advantage of a renewed wave of optimism to grow their enterprise and put themselves ahead of the pack.

With new innovations constantly being developed to help provide firms with that edge they crave, investing in the right technology now could be crucial in ensuring they are well placed to achieve their ambitions in the future. Getting the right infrastructure in place is vital for the future development of any company.

This is where the Cloud comes in. There are plenty of benefits that come with welcoming this potentially game-changing product into the day-to-day running of a business, with those who have already taken such steps already noticing the difference.

Some of the main causative factors include the increased levels of efficiency and flexibility that Cloud implementation can offer. Employees can work together much more effectively – improving previous communications between different departments.

Similarly, the ability to access information stored on the Cloud from home or while on the go can prove to be highly beneficial to workers who are required to take their duties outside of the regular nine-to-five hours.


The definition of Cloud flexibility can also be extended to its scalability – a characteristic that is essential when considering how it can be used when planning to expand an organisation.

Providers like Canopy – the open cloud company allow their clients to increase their resource usage as needed, enabling them to upscale (or downscale) when it is required. As a result, staff can be adequately supported without the organisation having to invest in expensive hardware to facilitate this.


While concerns still exist over whether or not the Cloud can provide the data protection that firms require to adhere to, much is being done to improve and eradicate any previous issues that might have existed over security.

Because the technology has evolved over such a short period of time, developers are well aware that keeping sensitive information secure in the context of a shared network is of vital importance.

This is especially the case when it comes to facilitating the growth of an organisation, with companies of all size not wanting to give away any data that could give their competitors an advantage should it fall into the wrong hands.

National reach, local touch

Many firms are already using the Cloud to expand across a geographical area without losing their local identity.

This can be linked back to the flexibility and scalability of the technology, with organisations able to open up new offices and departments in new markets without disrupting their operations.

Employees can benefit from providing their clients with a personal touch without distancing themselves from resources that would otherwise only be available at company headquarters – with mobile access to the Cloud enabling them to do their work effectively anywhere in the country or indeed the world.

One thing is for certain – the Cloud is only going to get bigger. If you embrace it, your business could also share the same fate.

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