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Licensing Awards Success for UK Greetings

UK Greetings were thrilled to take home the ‘Best Licensed Paper Products or Stationary Range’ award at the prestigious 2019 Licensing Awards. The annual awards ceremony celebrates outstanding achievements in the licensing industry and “their integrity is unquestioned as an…Read more

How to Save Money via Your Car

A car, for the average person, is the second most expensive life purchase, after a house. Unfortunately, our beloved four-wheeled friend can often exist as a black hole that swallows up the entirety of our bank balance, with fuel, insurance,…Read more

Encouraging coffee breaks across your business

The popularity of coffee is increasing daily across the US and it’s become an essential part of today’s society. In fact, an industry study commissioned by the National Coffee Association suggested that the number of Americans who were drinking a…Read more

Intern Success Stories at Zalando

Internships play an important role in the life of many young adults, helping them integrate into the employment world while learning skills on the job. With National Careers Week approaching, we’ve spoken to an intern at Zalando who has made…Read more

6 famous faces who experienced failure

Everyone wants to be successful, but unfortunately, the path to the top isn’t always as smooth as we would like it to be. Whether we’re trying to succeed in our studies, climbing to the top of the business ladder, or…Read more