Employee Essentials: What Should You Provide?

Employee Essentials: What Should You Provide?

As a boss, there are always going to be certain essentials that you need to take care of. Because not only does the running of a company require a lot of thought, being a boss does too. When you only have yourself to think about, things can feel a lot easier. As you only have yourself to think about. But when you have a team, you need to think about the things you should be providing them with. And sometimes, this isn’t even just down to what you need to give them for comfort, but also what you might be required to by law too. Some of the things that you might like to think about could include;



The very first thing is going to be an essential that you already know about, because it’s what they need in order to do their job. Whether this is computer equipment for their desk, or practical equipment for the area that they work in, it’s something that you’ll often need to think about as you’re trying to hire someone. Sometimes, you may even want to let them pick out the equipment that they need. This could especially be relevant for someone that works in technology, as what each team member needs could be different from the next.


In some circumstances, you may also want to think about providing a uniform. Of course, if you work for a tech startup, your team should be able to wear what they want. However, if you run a coffee shop or a manual firm, you may need to get something like the Dickies 872 pants and a branded top. If it’s important that your staff wear a uniform, you need to find something that will work with your brand, but will be suitable for them to wear too.


As you start to hire employees, and especially when you have a team that’s really growing in size, you should be thinking about insurance. Because you may need to reassess your cover. It’s smart for any business to have insurance. But when you’ve got staff, you need to have the right level of employer’s liability in place. This is not only to protect your staff, but also to protect your business too should you find yourself at risk of being sued.


You should also look into what you need to provide in terms of a pension. Pretty much every single employer needs to provide a workplace pension. Although what you need to do, when you need to offer it, and what you need to offer will completely depend on your business’s personal circumstances.


And finally, for the sake of their comfort, you should also be thinking about providing the right refreshments for them. This is just something you need to be doing on a human level! Whether it’s the essentials like tea, coffee, and water, or you want to provide something better like a fully-stocked drinks fridge complete with beers and even a few snacks on the side, you should definitely ensure that your staff are refreshed when they’re at work.

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