How To Create A Viral Video: 5 Top Tips

A lot of people are looking to for new ways to market their business and viral videos are becoming a popular way to market a business online. With YouTube alone getting over 4 billion views everyday the amount of online exposure that you are going to get is huge.  What you need to remember is that your video needs to be entertaining for everyone and just because you think its great does not mean that other people think the same.

Creating a viral video is not going to be easy and will take a lot of planning and editing to get right but the rewards are well worth. You can appeal to a whole new audience from all over the world and the power of video marketing is far greater than traditional advertising. It has been predicted that 2013 will be a big year for video advertising so it is something you want to looking into; here is five top tips to help you create a viral video.

Quality is important

The quality of your videos are important. No one likes to watch a video on YouTube where the playback is not smooth, the sound is terrible and the picture quality is awful. You are going to need to invest in a decent camera that can record in HD as people prefer watching high quality videos and therefore will be more likely to share a high quality video. You may also need to by a mic and a tripod is a good idea so that you are not wobbling the camera everywhere.

Some good video editing software is also a good idea so that you can edit parts out and make adjustments. There are a lot of different software available such as Adobe Premiere.

Promotion is key

Promoting your video is also very important. Especially as you first post your video and it does not have a lot of views. You need to promote it to get people talking about it. Social media is going to be your best place to promote your video online.  Start sharing your videos on Facebook and Twitter and then hopefully people will start to share them as well for you, giving you maximum exposure.

 Appeal to everyone

When creating a viral video it is important that you appeal to everyone. There is no point in having humor that only a small amount of people will understand because it is only going to be them that want to watch your video. This is where a lot of people go wrong because it can often be hard to create a video that appeals to everyone. Funny songs such as Gangnam style usually do very well as they appeal to everyone.

Surprise and shock people

People like watching viral videos because they are surprising and shock people and are completely unexpected. This means you need to do something that has not been done before and that is unusually. This is entertaining and makes your video watchable. The more surprising your video is, the more people are going to watch your video. Prank videos usually get a lot of views online because they shock people and you can see how people react to these.

Post your video everywhere

If you want to get a lot of video views then you want to place your video in as much places as possible. You want to start off with video sharing websites such as YouTube and Vimeo. You can also share your video on your blog  and website and appeal to a community. Finding people to help you share your video is a good idea as you will reach a lot more people faster.

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